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The Cost of Turnover

Most employers, large and small, do not recognize how important Talent Management is, as it is viewed only as a cost.  In reality, effective Talent Management, can save you money year after year via reducing the cost of turnover.  Let's take a deeper look at how this all plays out. According to Suzanne Lucas of CBS’s “Money Watch”, if a person...

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You Need an Employee Handbook

As you might imagine, I am doing a great deal of research with regard to how and what small businesses do within the Human Resources space.  One area that peeked my curiosity was an Employee Handbook or Manual.  It appears that there is some debate as to whether it is actually required by law, but there is no debate in...

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How can I help?

I have really done it this time. I have been mulling over the concept of working for myself for years and finally pulled the trigger. I had always struggled with the question, if I worked for myself, what would I do?    I wanted to leverage my most valuable experience, my knowledge of Human Resource Technology, as I had been working in...

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