Professional Strategic Experience

Bringing Best Practices to Local Small Businesses

Jonathan Kamin brings over 15 years of professional strategic experience of implementing enterprise level software, process design and business planning to the local market.  He would like to assist local small businesses by providing services that to this point, have only been available and affordable to Fortune 1000 companies.
While implementing enterprise software at some of the largest companies in the country, Jonathan encountered strategic consultants who helped these companies deploy strategies that streamlined processes, increase efficiency, improved corporate culture and reduced employee turnover.  These strategies have given the largest of companies a competitive advantage, as they can do more work with fewer resources and therefore increase revenue and or profits.
His involvement with these large companies and high-priced consultants, led him to realize that the average small business owner did not stand a competitive chance in the market due to budgetary limitations.  The consultants were only interested in large deals with high profile customers.  Upon reflection of growing up in a family that was supported by a small business owner and having 2 grandfathers who were small business owners, he became motivated to provide the same strategic initiatives to the average business at an affordable rate.  The growth and profits of locally owned businesses mean a lot to him and he is driven to help local small businesses improve and become more efficient.






What do customers have to say about us

Darrell Westlake Business Analyst

I worked with Jon on a vendor evaluation project with complex business requirements for a medium sized international business.  Typically, a business with this level of complexity would be forced to work with large, high-priced vendors.  Unfortunately, our budget was very limited.  Through Jon’s deep network of industry professionals, he was able to put together a short list of vendors capable of meeting our business needs while fitting within our budget parameters for evaluation.

Jay Hargis Director of Talent Management for a 500 person creative staffing agency

When I needed help procuring a system to help my company with performance appraisals, I enlisted Jon's help. Jon was able to help my HR manager create and issue a simple yet comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) to a short list of vendors. Jon was then able to manage our selection process by creating and using a vendor score card. That score card helped us keep everything straight in our heads and ultimately led us to our vendor choice. Jon's thorough knowledge of both the technology AND the performance management process was the key to our success.

Allison Munro Business Analyst and Implementation Consultant

Jon takes the time to listen and determine the customer's primary pain points.  This enables him to ensure that the solution he devised always delivers the needed impact.  In my work with Jon became a trusted adviser for our customers, always ensuring that the customers had the most accurate, timely and detailed information they needed to move their projects forward.  His deep knowledge of the technology industry was a great asset to our team.

Red Ruscitti Chief Customer Officer, Smashfly Technologies

Jon has been at the center of hundreds of projects in the HR Tech space, working with the widest variety of companies. He has deep experience in Talent Management technology that goes back to the early days of the first web-based Applicant Tracking Systems.