When Opportunity Knocks – Small Business

As a Small Business person you never know when an opportunity arises.  I know we do not want to come off as obnoxious also talking about your business but you never know who can over hear a conversation or one of your friends or associates business connections.   This past week I learned that one of the parents of a child on...

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Support Veteran Businesses

As we celebrate Memorial Day with cookouts and parades, let's also keep those who returned home and started their own businesses in mind.  The made sacrifices in the careers, education and family life to serve our country.  They have earned our respect and admiration and now let us let them earn our business too.   Below is a link for those who...

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Software as a Service – Increasing and Productivity in Small Businesses

Software as a Service, or better known as the SaaS business model, has been a staple of the effort in large businesses to increase the Return on Investment and productivity in their use of software systems.  The major benefits of this concept is to have the vendor host the application, and be responsible for the on-going development, support and data...

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